A very happy new year to all those who participated in a Paras Gudka chess event in 2021 and to those who will participate in one (or more) in 2022!

A new day on Bamburi Beach

As mentioned in the event report for the Torre & Cavallo Closed Blitz Championship, I am now on a break from chess organisation till March 2022 and hope to be back in April 2022.

The big piece of news that I want to share with you today is that I have decided to move back to Nairobi permanently in about a week’s time.

My 9 months in Mombasa from March to December 2021 taught me a lot about the environment, culture, and economic potential of the Kenyan coast and after careful analysis of future prospects in Mombasa, I feel my hometown of Nairobi has a lot more to offer by way of growth as a chess professional and in terms of overall quality of life.

My favourite memory of playing competitive chess in Mombasa

While I won’t be based in Mombasa anymore, I do hope to continue organising chess events in County 001 through the partnerships I was able to forge in the 4 months that I was active as an organiser.

I will miss the friendliness of the people, long walks on the beach, views of the ocean, the warm and humid weather (except that of November and December), and the joy of crossing Nyali Bridge and Likoni Channel on my motorbike.

Crossing Likoni Channel on a ferry after a whirlwind trip to Diani

See you all very soon at the next Paras Gudka chess event in Nairobi, Mombasa, or elsewhere in Kenya!