Photos by Paras Gudka, Jackson Kalema, and Samuel Wafula

Sajid Nurmohamed cemented his place as Mombasa’s strongest active chess player by winning the Mombasa U2200 Classical Tournament with 4 points from 4 rounds on Sunday, 7th November 2021. This was his second victory after winning the Pre Mombasa Open Practice Tournament in October.

Sajid Nurmohamed giving his winner’s speech at the Mombasa U2200 Classical Chess Tournament

His unfortunate victims included Brian Obwoge Omwoyo of South Eastern Kenya University, Noreen Nyambura Ndungu of Mombasa Technical Training Institute, Jackson Kioko Kalema of Mombasa Chess Club, and Samuel Wafula of Technical University of Mombasa.

Following him in second and third places respectively with 2.5 points each were Jackson Kalema, a teacher at Khadija Secondary School, and Shubh Jaideep Shah, a student at Oshwal Academy Mombasa.

Jackson’s points came from wins against Samuel Wafula and Shubh, a loss to Sajid, and a draw from Brian Omwoyo.

Jackson Kioko Kalema (right) receiving his prize for 2nd Place from Paras Gudka

Shubh’s points came from a win against Jackson Thumbi of Mombasa Technical Training Institute, a loss to Jackson Kalema (who happens to be his coach), a draw from Brian, and a bye.

Shubh Jaideep Shah (right) receiving his prize for 3rd Place from Paras Gudka

Other prize winners to walk away with cash in brown envelopes at Khadija Secondary School on the warm Sunday afternoon were:

  • Jackson Thumbi (Best Unrated Player) – 2 pts
  • Samuel Wafula (Best University Player) – 2 pts
  • Noreen Nyambura Ndungu (Best Female Player) – 1 pt

Jackson Thumbi (right) receiving his prize for Best Unrated Player from Jackson Kalema
Samuel Wafula (right) receiving his prize for Best University Player from Jackson Kalema
Noreen Nyambura Ndungu (right) receiving her prize for Best Female Player from Jackson Kalema

A total of eight players participated in the tournament organised by IA Paras Gudka (also the Chief Arbiter) and Jackson Kalema, with support from Khadija Secondary School (venue partner), Madafu Newspaper (media partner) and an anonymous sponsor from Nairobi.

The next Paras Gudka Chess Event is likely to be a FIDE-rated blitz tournament on Sunday, 28th November. If confirmed, details will be available via the Events page.

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